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In keeping with the broad publishing scope of DHQ, we encourage review articles from all individuals seeking to engage with current developments in the digital humanities arena. Reviews reflect the innovative nature of the field and its ever-evolving technological and cultural practices, and they can help further the prospects for the digital humanities as a field of study and an area of research. We would like reviews of new materials in DHQ to engage both critically and contextually with the material presented. Reviews can also incorporate distinct stylistic and humanistic approaches. We are interested in publishing reviews of scholarship in non-English languages and incorporating research from outside the U.S. and Europe, as these reviews will further enhance the journal's linguistic coverage and geographic diversity. The editors also welcome your new approaches in reviewing material, in such forms as dialogic reviews, multiple reviewers and perspectives, and critical commentary.


DHQ is an open-access journal dedicated to exploring all practices in the digital humanities. Reviews have been a vital component of the journal since its first issue, complementing original articles. The field of digital humanities continues to flourish in the forms of books, websites, new media art installations, virtual exhibitions, systems, tools, software, and other means of expression. These and many other formats comprise the scope of our reviewers' analyses. The Reviews Editors work with a group of Contributing Reviewers to discover new publications, and welcome reviews from all interested individuals.

Suggestions and Examples

While these are not at all intended to be prescriptive examples, the following are some reviews selected by the editors which represent cogent engagement with the material, or an innovative approach to the form and content of a scholarly review: "Tsimshian Prehistory: A Virtual Exhibition at the Canadian Museum of Civilization," "New = Old, Old = New," and "Classical studies on the Web."

How To Submit

Reviewers are encouraged to follow the text style guidelines specified for DHQ, noting in particular the treatment for references to the material being reviewed. Reviews can be submitted via email as specified under Submission logistics for DHQ, noting that the submission is a review.