DHQ: Digital Humanities Quarterly

Author Biographies

Peter Blank Peter Blank is director of Chicago-based social media consultancy BlankMediation.
David Ciccoricco David Ciccoricco is a member of the English Department faculty at the University of Otago, which is located in Dunedin, New Zealand. His research is focused on contemporary narrative fiction, with a particular emphasis on emergent forms of digital literature and network culture in general. He is the author of Reading Network Fiction (University of Alabama Press, 2007), a book on the first and second waves of digital fiction.
Mark Deuze Mark Deuze is Associate Professor in Telecommunications at Indiana University, and author of Media Life (Polity Press, 2012).
Alex Garnett Alex Garnett is a Data Curation and Digital Preservation specialist at Simon Fraser University, and a Ph.D. Student in Information Science at the Universty of British Columbia. He has experience loving and munging data big and small (in the private and public sector, respectively), and has particular interests in the fields of natural language parsing and network analysis.
Corina Koolen Corina Koolen is lecturer at the Book and Digital Media studies programme of Leiden University and a PhD candidate at the Institute for Logic, Language and Computation (University of Amsterdam).
Cara Leitch Cara Leitch is a PhD candidate in English at the University of Victoria and a Research Assistant at the Electronic Textual Cultures Lab.
Ray Siemens Ray Siemens (http://web.uvic.ca/~siemens/) is Canada Research Chair in Humanities Computing and Distinguished Professor in the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Victoria, in English and Computer Science. He is founding editor of the electronic scholarly journal Early Modern Literary Studies and his publications include, among others, Blackwell's Companion to Digital Humanities (with Schreibman and Unsworth), Blackwell's Companion to Digital Literary Studies (with Schreibman) and Mind Technologies: Humanities Computing and the Canadian Academic Community (with Moorman). He directs the Digital Humanities Summer Institute and Vice President of the Canadian Association of Humanities and Social Sciences, and recently served as Chair of the international Alliance of Digital Humanities Organisations’ Steering Committee.
Laura Speers Laura Speers is a PhD candidate at the Department of Culture, Media & Creative Industries of King's College in London, UK.
Patrik Svensson Patrik Svensson the director of HUMlab at Umeå University and a docent in the humanities and information technology. His research concerns digital humanities as a field, learning and information technology, cyberinfrastructure for the humanities and new media studies. His current work includes an article on screens as humanistic infrastructure (with Erica Robles), and implementing a new HUMlab-X on the Umeå Arts Campus.
Meagan Timney Meagan Timney is an information architect and user experience designer in San Francisco, CA. Previously, she was a Postdoctoral Fellow and Assistant Professor for the SSHRC MCRI-funded Editing Modernism in Canada Project and the Electronic Textual Cultures Laboratory at the University of Victoria.
John A. Walsh John A. Walsh is an Assistant Professor of Library and Information Science and Adjunct Assistant Professor of English at Indiana University, where he teaches and conducts research in the areas of digital humanities and digital libraries. Working with encoded texts and related images to develop scholarly digital editions, Walsh explores issues of representation, indexicality, and visuality within and among documents. Current research projects include The Algernon Charles Swinburne Project , The Chymistry of Isaac Newton , TEI Boilerplate, and Comic Book Markup Language.