DHQ: Digital Humanities Quarterly

Author Biographies

Moshe Blidstein Moshe Blidstein is a historian of the Mediterranean in the Roman Empire and late antiquity, teaching at the Department of General History at the University of Haifa, and a research member of the Haifa Center for Mediterranean History. He specializes in religion in the Roman Empire, especially concerning ritual and ritual discourses. He has studied especially discourses of purity and defilement in early Christianity and its historical contexts and the changing character of oaths in the ancient Mediterranean cultures of the Roman Empire. In the digital humanities arena, he is interested especially in the utilization of indices for the creation of metadata.
Sanne Frequin
Christine M. Gottlieb Christine M. Gottlieb is an Assistant Professor of English at California State University, East Bay. Support for this project was provided by a 2018-19 Faculty Support Grant from the California State University, East Bay Division of Academic Affairs.
Paul Heinicker Paul Heinicker is a design researcher investigating discursive design concepts with a focus on the culture and politics of diagrams and data visualisations. His practice covers image-led research as well as written analyses. He is a PhD student at the University of Potsdam at the Institute for Media and Art and has an interdisciplinary background in multimedia technologies (B.Eng.) and interface design (M.A.).
Janna Kienbaum Janna Kienbaum studied Italian philology and cultural studies at the University of Potsdam and Humboldt University in Berlin. Her research focuses on diagrammatics, data visualizations and digital collections of museums. In her PhD thesis she investigates the web presentation of museum art collections as a diagrammatic representation system. From 2017-2020, she was a research assistant in the mixed-methods project analyzing networked climate images (anci). Since 2021, she has been working as a research assistant in the project "FDNext" for research data management at the University of Potsdam.
Helen B. Kampmann Marodin Helen Marodin is a PhD student in Latin American History at the University of South Carolina. Helen’s major research interests include interdisciplinary approaches that deal with food history, women and gender studies, digital history, architecture, and art.
Matt Morgenstern
Daphne Raban Daphne Raban is an associate professor in the School of Business Administration and Academic Head of the Library, University of Haifa. She founded the Department of Information & Knowledge Management and was a member of LINKS, the Israeli Center of Research Excellence on Learning in a Networked Society. Her areas of expertise include the information society and the information economy; specifically, she studies information markets and business models, knowledge sharing, information diffusion, social media and serious games. Her work has been published in refereed journals including JCMC, JASIST, EJIS, ICS, CHB, JIS, PLoS One, Internet Research, Simulation & Gaming and more.
Birgit Schneider Birgit Schneider is a media scholar and visual culture expert. She is professor of knowledge cultures and media environments at the University of Potsdam, Germany. Her research focuses on scientific images, the history and present-day status of data visualizations and especially climate visualizations at the intersection of science, aesthetic and politics. She publishes in the fields of climate discourse, cultural geography, media studies and environmental humanities.
David Thomson David Thomson is the current Lead Analyst at LEAP (Learning Evaluation and Assessment Psychology) Analytics
Liselore Tissen
Quintus van Galen Quintus van Galen is a Lecturer at the University of Amsterdam, teaching at the Department of History. His research interest lies with using digitised (newspaper) sources to investigate historical communities and identities; he is currently investigating Dutch militarism and nationalism in response to Belgian independence.
Ruben Wiersma