DHQ: Digital Humanities Quarterly

2018 12.4

Information Visualization Pedagogy

Editor: Steven Braun


Creative Data Literacy: A Constructionist Approach to Teaching Information Visualization
Catherine D'Ignazio, Emerson College; Rahul Bhargava, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Abstract  [en]
Critically engaging with data visualization through an information literacy framework
Steven Braun, Northeastern University Library, Digital Scholarship Group
Abstract  [en]
Making and Breaking: Teaching Information Ethics through Curatorial Practice
Christina Boyles, Michigan State University
Abstract  [en]
Placing Graphic Design at the Intersection of Information Visualization Fields
Yvette Shen, Ohio State University
Abstract  [en]
Best Practices: Teaching Typographic Principles to Digital Humanities Audiences
Amy Papaelias, SUNY New Paltz
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Defining scholarly practices, methods and tools in the Lithuanian digital humanities research community
Ingrida Kelpšienė, Vilnius University, Lithuania
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Case Studies

Renaissance Remix. Isabella d’Este: Virtual Studiolo
Deanna Shemek, University of California, Irvine, USA; Antonella Guidazzoli, VisitLab - Cineca Interuniversity Consortium, Italy; Maria Chiara Liguori, VisitLab - Cineca Interuniversity Consortium, Italy; Giovanni Bellavia, VisitLab - Cineca Interuniversity Consortium, Italy; Daniele De Luca, VisitLab - Cineca Interuniversity Consortium, Italy; Luigi Verri, VisitLab - Cineca Interuniversity Consortium, Italy; Silvano Imboden, VisitLab - Cineca Interuniversity Consortium, Italy
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Issues in Digital Humanities

Racism in the Machine: Visualization Ethics in Digital Humanities Projects
Katherine Hepworth, University of Nevada, Reno; Christopher Church, University of Nevada, Reno
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