DHQ: Digital Humanities Quarterly

2024 18.2


“Open” or “Close” Research Instruments? Conflicting Rationales in the Organization of Early Digital Medieval History in Europe (1960–1990).
Edgar Lejeune, Vossius Center for the History of Humanities and Sciences (University of Amsterdam)
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Lilypond Music-Notation Software in the Digital-Humanities Toolbox
Andrew A. Cashner, University of Rochester
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LemonizeTBX: Design and Implementation of a New Converter from TBX to OntoLex-Lemon
Andrea Bellandi, Institute for Computational Linguistics "A. Zampolli" CNR, Via Moruzzi 1, 56124, Pisa - Italy; Giorgio Maria Di Nunzio, Department of Information Engineering, University of Padova, Via Gradenigo 6/b, 35131 Padova, Italy; Silvia Piccini, Institute for Computational Linguistics "A. Zampolli" CNR, Via Moruzzi 1, 56124, Pisa - Italy; Federica Vezzani, Department of Linguistic and Literary Studies, University of Padova, Via Elisabetta Vendramini, 13 35137 Padova, Italy
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Case Studies

Towards a National Data Architecture for Cultural Collections: Designing the Australian Cultural Data Engine
Rachel Fensham, University of Melbourne; Australian Cultural Data Engine; Tyne Daile Sumner, Australian National University; Australian Cultural Data Engine; Nat Cutter, University of Melbourne; Australian Cultural Data Engine; George Buchanan, RMIT University; Rui Liu, University of Melbourne; Justin Munoz, Independent Scholar; James Smithies, Australian National University; Ivy Zheng, University of Newcastle; David Carlin, RMIT University; Erik Champion, University of South Australia; Hugh Craig, University of Newcastle; Scott East, University of New South Wales; Chris Hay, Flinders University; Lisa M. Given, RMIT University; John Macarthur, University of Queensland; David McMeekin, Curtin University; Joanna Mendelssohn, University of Melbourne; Deborah van der Plaat, University of Queensland
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Graph based modelling of prosopographical datasets. Case study: Romans 1by1
Rada Varga, Babeș-Bolyai University; Stefan Bornhofen, CY Cergy Paris University
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From Archive to Database: Using Crowdsourcing, TEI, and Collaborative Labor to Construct the Maria Edgeworth Letters Project
Hilary Havens, University of Tennessee, Knoxville; Eliza Alexander Wilcox, University of Tennessee, Knoxville; Meredith L. Hale, University of Tennessee, Knoxville; Jamie Kramer, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
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A Review of James Little’s The Making of Samuel Beckett’s Not I / Pas moi, That Time / Cette fois and Footfalls / Pas (2021)
Céline Thobois-Gupta, Trinity College Dublin
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A Review of Feminist in a Software Lab: Difference + Design (2018)
Diane K. Jakacki, Bucknell University
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The Humans and Algorithms of Music Recommendation: A Review of Computing Taste (2022)
Jacob Pleasants, University of Oklahoma
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Digital Methods in Literary Criticism: A Review of Digital Humanities and Literary Studies (2022)
Lili Wang, Harbin Engineering University; Tianxiang Chen, Harbin Engineering University
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