DHQ: Digital Humanities Quarterly

2019 13.2

Invisible Work in Digital Humanities

Editors: Tarez Samra Graban, Paul Marty, Allen Romano, and Micah Vandegrift


Introduction: Questioning Collaboration, Labor, and Visibility in Digital Humanities Research
Tarez Samra Graban, Florida State University; Paul Marty, Florida State University; Allen Romano, Florida State University; Micah Vandegrift, NC State University
Manifesto: A Life on the Hyphen: Balancing Identities as Librarians, Scholars, and Digital Practitioners
Hélène Huet, University of Florida; Suzan Alteri, University of Florida; Laurie N. Taylor, University of Florida
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Raising Visibility in the Digital Humanities Landscape: Academic Engagement and the Question of the Library’s Role
Kathleen Kasten-Mutkus, Stony Brook University; Laura Costello, Rutgers University; Darren Chase, SUNY Oneonta
Abstract  [en]
The Invisible Work of the Digital Humanities Lab: Preparing Graduate Students for Emergent Intellectual and Professional Work
Dawn Opel, Michigan State University; Michael Simeone, Arizona State University
Abstract  [en]
Building Pedagogy into Project Development: Making Data Construction Visible in Digital Projects
Courtney Rivard, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill; Taylor Arnold, University of Richmond; Lauren Tilton, University of Richmond
Abstract  [en]
Interlude: Gaining Access, Gaming Access: Balancing Internal and External Support For Interactive Digital Projects
Matthew Kelly, University of Texas, Tyler
Abstract  [en]
The In/Visible, In/Audible Labor of Digitizing the Public Domain
Amelia Chesley, Northwestern State University of Louisiana
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Affective Absence: Risks in the Institutionalization of the FemTechNet Archive
Dr. Jeanie Austin, San Francisco Public Library
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