DHQ: Digital Humanities Quarterly

2022 16.2


Linked data from TEI (LIFT): A Teaching Tool for TEI to Linked Data Transformation
Francesca Giovannetti, University of Bologna; Francesca Tomasi, University of Bologna
Abstract  [en]
Universal Dependencies and Author Attribution of Short Texts with Syntax Alone
Robert Gorman, Department of Classics and Religious Studies, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
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The Making and Re-making of The Philadelphia Negro
Stephanie Boddie, Baylor University, Diana R. Garland School of Social Work, the School of Education, and the George W. Truett Seminary and University of South Africa, Institute for Gender Studies; Amy Hillier, University of Pennsylvania School of Social Policy & Practice
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Scholarly Primitives of Scholarly Meetings: A DH-Inspired Exploration of the Virtual Incunabular in the Time of COVID 19
Jennifer Edmond, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland; Nicole Basaraba, Maastricht University, the Netherlands; Michelle Doran, Centre for Digital Humanities, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland; Vicky Garnett, DARIAH-EU; Courtney Helen Grile, School of Creative Arts, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland; Eliza Papaki, DARIAH-EU; Erszébet Toth-Czifra, DARIAH-EU
Abstract  [en]
Rediscussing the Political Struggle in the Light of Reform in Late 11th Century China under the View of Digital Humanities
Wenyi Shang, School of Information Sciences, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign; Winbin Huang, Department of Information Management, Peking University
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Automated Transcription of Non-Latin Script Periodicals: A Case Study in the Ottoman Turkish Print Archive
Suphan Kirmizialtin, NYU Abu Dhabi; David Joseph Wrisley, NYU Abu Dhabi
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Stitching the Fragmented: Feminist Maker Pedagogy and Immersive Technologies for Cultural Learning
Mélanie Péron, University of Pennsylvania; Meaghan Moody, University of Rochester; Vickie Karasic, Bryn Mawr College
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Varieties of Digital Literary Studies: Micro, Macro, Meso'
Simone Murray, School of Languages, Literatures, Cultures and Linguistics, Monash University
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Detecting and Characterising Transmission from Legacy Collection Catalogues
James Baker, University of Southampton; Andrew Salway, Sussex Humanities Lab, University of Sussex; Cynthia Roman, Lewis Walpole Library
Abstract  [en]
Worlds and Readers: Augmented Reality in Modern Polaxis
Anette Hagen, University of South-Eastern Norway; Elise Seip Tønnessen,
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New Digital Worlds: Postcolonial Digital Humanities in Theory, Praxis and Pedagogy, Evanston
Onyekachi Henry Ibekwe, University of Nigeria
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