DHQ: Digital Humanities Quarterly

2018 12.2


Manuscript Study in Digital Spaces: The State of the Field and New Ways Forward
Bridget Almas, The Alpheios Project, Ltd.; Emad Khazraee, School of Information, Kent State University; Matthew Thomas Miller, Roshan Institute for Persian Studies, University of Maryland College Park; Joshua Westgard, University Libraries, University of Maryland College Park
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BigDIVA and Networked Browsing: A Case for Generous Interfacing and Joyous Searching
Joel Schneier, North Carolina State University; Timothy Stinson, North Carolina State University; Matthew Davis, McMaster University
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Predicting the Past
Tobias Blanke, King's College London, Department of Digital Humanities
Abstract  [en]
Reverse Engineering the First Humanities Computing Center
Steven Jones, University of South Florida
Abstract  [en]
Stealing a Corpus: Appropriating Aesop’s Body in the Early Age of Print
Alex Mueller, University of Massachusetts Boston
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Issues in Digital Humanities

Methodological Nearness and the Question of Computational Literature
Michael Marcinkowski, Bath Spa University
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