DHQ: Digital Humanities Quarterly

2019 13.1


Managing 100 Digital Humanities Projects: Digital Scholarship & Archiving in King’s Digital Lab
James Smithies, King's College London; Carina Westling, King's College London; Anna-Maria Sichani, King's College London; Pam Mellen, King's College London; Arianna Ciula, King's College London
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Modelling Medieval Hands: Practical OCR for Caroline Minuscule
Brandon W. Hawk, Rhode Island College; Antonia Karaisl, Rescribe Ltd; Nick White, Rescribe Ltd
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Towards 3D Scholarly Editions: The Battle of Mount Street Bridge
Costas Papadopoulos, Maastricht University; Susan Schreibman, Maastricht University
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Case Studies

Music Scholarship Online (MuSO): A Research Environment for a More Democratic Digital Musicology
Timothy C. Duguid, University of Glasgow; Maristella Feustle, University of North Texas; Francesca Giannetti, Rutgers University; Elizabeth Grumbach, Arizona State University
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DH2018: A Space to Build Bridges
Molly Nebiolo, Northeastern University; Gregory J. Palermo, Northeastern University
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Velvet Evolution: A Review of Lev Manovich's Software Takes Command (Bloomsbury Academic, 2013)
Alan Bilansky, University of Illinois
Abstract  [en]
Curating Crowds: A Review of Crowdsourcing Our Cultural Heritage (Ashgate, 2014)
Victoria Van Hyning, Library of Congress
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