DHQ: Digital Humanities Quarterly

2020 14.3

Lab and Slack. Situated Research Practices in Digital Humanities

Editors: Mila Oiva and Urszula Pawlicka-Deger

Front Matter

Lab and Slack. Situated Research Practices in Digital Humanities - Introduction to the DHQ Special Issue.
Mila Oiva, University of Turku (Finland); Urszula Pawlicka-Deger, Aalto University
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Cluster 1: Physical Situatedness, Digital/Humanities Labs, and Infrastructure

Scholarly Infrastructure as Critical Argument: Nine principles in a preliminary survey of the bibliographic and critical values expressed by scholarly web-portals for visualizing data
Jo Guldi, Southern Methodist University
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The Laboratory Turn: Exploring Discourses, Landscapes, and Models of Humanities Labs
Urszula Pawlicka-Deger, Aalto University
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Digital Humanities as Epistemic Cultures: How DH Labs Make Knowledge, Objects, and Subjects
James W. Malazita, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute; Ezra J. Teboul, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute; Hined Rafeh, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
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The Chili and Honey of Digital Humanities Research:The Facilitation of the Interdisciplinary Transfer of Knowledge in Digital Humanities Centers
Mila Oiva, University of Turku (Finland)
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[en] Excavating Infrastructure in the Analog Humanities’ Lab: An Analysis of Claude Lévi-Strauss’s Laboratoire d’anthropologie sociale
Aleksandra Kil, University of Wrocław (Poland)
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Infrastructure and Social Interaction: Situated Research Practices in Digital Humanities in India
Shanmugapriya T, Indian Institute of Technology; Nirmala Menon, Indian Institute of Technology
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Case Studies

Digital Humanities Lab: Case Studies

Digital Humanities on Reserve: From Reading Room to Laboratory at Yale University Library
Catherine DeRose, Yale University; Peter Leonard, Yale University
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Organic and Locally Sourced: Growing a Digital Humanities Lab with an Eye Towards Sustainability
Rebekah Cummings, University of Utah; David S. Roh, University of Utah; Elizabeth Callaway, University of Utah
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Inside the Trading Zone: Thinkering in a Digital History Lab
Andreas Fickers, University of Luxembourg; Tim van der Heijden, University of Luxembourg
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Creating Spaces for Interdisciplinary Research across Literature, Neuroscience, and DH: A Case Study of The Digital Humanities and Literary Cognition Lab (DHLC)
Natalie Philips, Michigan State University; Alexander Babbitt, Michigan State University; Soohyun Cho, Michigan State University; Jessica Kane, Albion College; Cody Mejeur, University at Buffalo; Craig Pearson, Michigan State University
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Ooligan Press: Building and Sustaining a Feminist Digital Humanities Lab at a R-2
Kathi Inman Berens, Portland State University; Abbey Gaterud, Chemeketa Community College; Rachel Noorda, Portland State University
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Cluster 2: Virtual Situatedness, Digital Practices, and Collaboration

An “Open Lab?” The Electronic Textual Cultures Lab in the Evolving Digital Humanities Landscape
Randa El Khatib, University of Victoria; Alyssa Arbuckle, University of Victoria; Lynne Siemens, University of Victoria; Ray Siemens, University of Victoria; Caroline Winter, University of Victoria; ETCL Research Group, University of Victoria
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One Loveheart at a Time: The Language of Emoji and the Building of Affective Community in the Digital Medieval Studies Environment
Lawrence Evalyn, University of Toronto; C. E. M. Henderson, University of Toronto’s Centre for Medieval Studies; Julia King, University of Bergen, Norway; Jessica Lockhart, University of Toronto, Mississauga; Laura Mitchell, St. Thomas More College, University of Saskatchewan; Suzanne Conklin Akbari, Institute for Advanced Study
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Theatre analytics: developing software for theatre research
Clarisse Bardiot, Université Polytechnique Hauts-de-France
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A Case Study Protocol for Meta-Research into Digital Practices in the Humanities
Maciej Maryl, Institute of Literary Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland; Costis Dallas, Faculty of Information, University of Toronto; Digital Curation Unit, IMSI-Athena Research Centre; Jennifer Edmond, School of Languages Literatures and Cultural Studies, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland; DARIAH -EU; Jessie Labov, Center for Media, Data, and Society, Central European University, Hungary; Ingrida Kelpšienė, Vilnius University Faculty of Communication; Michelle Doran, Trinity College Dublin; Marta Kołodziejska, Institute of Literary Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland; Klaudia Grabowska, Institute of Literary Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland
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The Role of Critical Thinking in Humanities Infrastructure: The Pipeline Concept with a Study of HaToRI (Hansard Topic Relevance Identifier)
Ashley S. Lee, Brown University; Poom Chiarawongse, Brown University; Jo Guldi, Southern Methodist University; Andras Zsom, Brown University
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Lost Spaces, Lost Technologies, and Lost People: Online History Projects Seek to Recover LGBTQ+ Spatial Histories
Alex D. Ketchum, McGill University
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Fading Away... The challenge of sustainability in digital studies
Christine Barats, Cerlis, University of Paris Descartes; Valérie Schafer, C²DH, University of Luxembourg; Andreas Fickers, C²DH, University of Luxembourg
Tremendous Mechanical Labor: Father Busa’s Algorithm
Geoffrey Rockwell, University of Alberta; Stéfan Sinclair, McGill University
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The Fold: Rethinking Interactivity in Data Visualization
Viktoria Brüggemann, University of Applied Sciences Potsdam; Mark-Jan Bludau, University of Applied Sciences Potsdam; Marian Dörk, University of Applied Sciences Potsdam
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Reassessing the locus of normalization in machine-assisted collation
David J. Birnbaum, University of Pittsburgh; Elena Spadini, Université de Lausanne
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Playing with Playthroughs: Distance Visualization and Narrative Form in Video Games
Cody Mejeur, University at Buffalo, SUNY
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